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Exquisite Scents and Tastes


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Insect & Crop


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We will help to build a better planet,
by using innovative and sustainable chemistry
to enhance the well-being of families all over the world.


About US

The Anthea Group is a speciality chemicals manufacturer based in Mumbai, India.

Anthea is committed to the concept of Green and Sustainable Manufacturing.

We strive to build an enduringly great organization, run by a highly motivated team with outstanding skills.

Anthea JV Partners

A Collaborative
Approach to Growth

At the Anthea Group, we believe in growing through partnerships.

An ethical and responsible approach to business and the adoption of industry best-practices have enabled us to create significant value for our Employees, Customers, JV Partners, Shareholders and other Stakeholders.

30 Years of Creating

Exquisite Scents and

Catering to two of the five senses, our range of F&F products are used in a wide variety of consumer applications, including prepared foods, beverages, fine fragrances, cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products.

Building Blocks
for APIs

Our foray into Pharma Intermediates will be a growth driver for the Group in the coming years. Leveraging our skills in innovative process development, we intend to fill a gap in the Indian pharmaceutical supply chain, by introducing a range of intermediates to cater to the growing needs of the API industry.

Insect & Crop

The Anthea Group has developed a patented, eco-friendly process to manufacture Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO), which is used as a synergist in a wide range of applications. PBO is manufactured in our Group Company, Catàsynth, a joint venture with Belgian chemicals major, Solvay.


The Anthea Group is committed to Clean and Sustainable Manufacturing.
We continually assess and modify our processes to reduce waste, improve efficiencies and minimize effluent load.