Social Empowerment

Focused on responsible and inclusive growth that has a positive impact on society.

The Anthea Group is committed to the welfare of all its stakeholders, including local communities in regions where we operate.

In keeping with this principle, the Anthea Group ensures that:

Ecological Footprint

We use best-in-class production methods that minimize our ecological footprint

Employee Growth

We maintain a safe and congenial work environment that provides opportunities for employee growth and promotes talent

Creating Opportunities

We employ a largely local workforce, thus creating employment opportunities in neighbouring communities

Helping the Underprivileged

We attempt to reach out to underprivileged sections of society through our social empowerment programs

As part of our Social Outreach program, the Anthea Group supports
the following organizations and initiatives:

Empowering the super-abled

In 2011, Anthea, together with an F&F multinational, participated in a joint study with the National Association for the Blind, to determine whether visually impaired people have a superior sense of smell, which could qualify them for job opportunities in the F&F industry.

The results of the study turned out to be overwhelmingly positive, and a course named COFVI was set up in a college in Mumbai to train visually challenged people in odour assessment.

Anthea, through COFVI, employs Mr Ravi S. Vanniyar and Mr Shankar Jaibhaya, who are key evaluators in our perfumery panel. Though visually challenged, they are gifted with an enhanced sense of smell, which is a tremendous asset in their role as Quality Assurance perfumers. Anthea greatly values their contributions and commitment to our organization.

The BBC featured our QA perfumer, Mr Ravi S. Vanniyar, in its series on disability, which aired between 20 Feb and 24 Feb 2017.

Ribbon cutting
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Driving social change through Education

Access to quality primary education is a fundamental requirement for every child.

Anthea’s flagship CSR initiative, Light A Lamp supports the education of underprivileged children by partnering with NGOs operating in rural communities. These organisations focus on promoting sports, literacy and life skills among needy children.

Under this initiative, our Group Company, DRT-Anthea, has constructed a school in a tribal village in Raigad, Maharashtra, which provides quality primary education to over a hundred children in the locality.

Our goal is to create a scalable model of elementary education within the Constitution of India’s Right to Education framework.

Composition of Corporate social responsibility committee

Anthea Aromatics Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Vincent Paul – Chairman
Dr Paul Vincent Menacherry – Member
Mr Mathew Vincent Menacherry – Member

DRT-Anthea Aroma Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Paul Vincent Menacherry – Chairman
Mr Mathew Vincent Menacherry – Member
Mr Latesh Sudhir Mirkar – Member

“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela