Become a part of our CHEMISTRY

At Anthea, we are a bunch of folks who have come together to create something extraordinary.

We refer to ourselves as the Anthea Family.

We are always on the lookout for highly capable and motivated individuals who wish to be part of a young, dynamic team in a rapidly growing organization, driven by values.

National Safety Day

qualities we seek in every Team player


Being Innovative

A strong focus on innovation helps us to create competitive advantages, as it allows us to introduce new products and services for our Customers and to continually hone and refine existing processes and systems to improve efficiencies.


Excellence is Key

We strive to build a corporate culture that fosters excellence, by engaging with and empowering our teams.
Employees are supported and encouraged to excel in their areas of expertise. High performers are identified, nurtured and mentored to assume leadership roles.


Integrity is Integral

We are committed to building a transparent and ethical organization, and we focus on creating and sustaining an open and trusting relationship with our employees, Customers and other stakeholders.


Team Players not Superstars

A key characteristic of a performance-driven culture is highly collaborative teams.
We believe that cooperation, and not competition, drives long-term success, and we seek to instil this mindset in every Anthea team player.