JV Partners

The Anthea Group believes in Growth through Partnerships.

An ethical and responsible approach to business and the adoption of industry best practices have enabled us to create significant value for our Customers, Shareholders, JV Partners and other Stakeholders.

Les Dérivés Résiniques et Terpéniques (DRT) & DSM-Firmenich:

Our first Joint Venture was formed in 2008 with les Dérivés Résiniques et Terpéniques (DRT), a world leader in terpene chemistry. This partnership resulted in the establishment of our Group Company, DRT-Anthea Aroma Chemicals. Today, DRT-Anthea is a major supplier of terpene chemicals to Customers all over the world.

In 2020, DRT was acquired by Swiss F&F major, Firmenich, thus broadening the scope of the JV. Yet again in 2023 DSM and Firmenich merged, giving birth to an even bigger conglomerate DSM-Firmenich of which DRT-Anthea is a proud partner.

DRT-Anthea manufactures a range of pine-based products that enable our Customers to incorporate sustainable ingredients, produced from a renewable carbon source.

ICICI Venture Funds:

In 2016, ICICI Venture Funds Management Company Limited invested in the share capital of Anthea to take a significant minority stake. ICICI Venture Funds, a subsidiary of ICICI Bank, is one of India’s oldest alternative-asset management companies. The capital infusion was used to undertake the expansion of our Group Company, Catàsynth, in the Mangalore SEZ.


In 2020, Solvay, a world-leading manufacturer of chemicals, invested in our Group Company, Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals Private Limited, to acquire a significant minority stake. This JV leverages Anthea’s production capabilities and reinforces Solvay’s downstream integration into Pyrocatechol derivatives.
Solvay is the world’s largest producer of Pyrocatechol, a key raw material used by Catàsynth, and has committed to meeting the growing requirements of the joint venture. This JV between the Anthea Group and Solvay will introduce a number of products over the years to cater to the needs of the F&F, Pharma, Insecticide and Agrochemical industries.

Based on novel technology, Catàsynth aims to be the most sustainable producer of these products globally.

“We have been producing synthetic Piperonal for the Flavours & Fragrances market since 2010 in Crown Chemicals, based on our patented manufacturing processes. Through this partnership with Solvay, we are significantly expanding our production capacities of Methylenedioxybenzene and Piperonal, and also enlarging our product range to address other opportunities in the Agrochemical and Pharma space,” says Dr Vincent Paul, Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the Anthea Group.