We are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious “ICC–Deepak Nitrite” Acharya P. C. Ray Award recognizing excellence in the Development of Indigenous Technology.

Synthetic Piperonal and PBO manufactured from Pyrocatechol provide an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional route from Sassafras oil, which leads to extensive deforestation of Sassafras forests.

The patented manufacturing processes used by Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals deliver superior product quality for the most demanding applications.

The synthetic Piperonal is made to exacting specifications for use in Fragrance, Flavour and Pharmaceutical applications. It has also been tested to be free of genotoxic impurities which had previously restricted the use of Piperonal in fragrance applications.

The synthetic PBO manufactured in Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals is used as an insecticide synergist and has the highest quality available in the market, with a purity of over 95%.

We believe that the increasing use of Pyrocatechol-based Piperonal and PBO will significantly reduce the rampant deforestation that still takes place in many countries around the world.

We are extremely honoured and grateful for this recognition from our esteemed industry peers, and are excited about the journey ahead.